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Join Emerald City Romance Writers

Thank you for considering joining Emerald City Romance Writers. Before you join, please keep in mind that nearly all chapter policies are passed by vote and require a quorum, not a simple majority. If you join us — and we hope you do! — please be prepared to interact on at least that level, for the benefit of all our members.

Membership to Emerald City Romance Writers grants you:

  • Access to members-only forums and messages

  • Access to ECRW's monthly meetings, which include speakers and topics related to all aspects of writing

  • Access to special members-only functions and workshops

  • Early access to registration to the annual Emerald City Writers’ Conference

Membership is $24 annually and is renewed in whichever month you originally joined. Instructions on how to pay dues will be provided in a confirmation message upon completion of the "ECRW New Member Registration" form below.

To join ECRW, please fill out the following form.

ECRW Member Registration


This is your primary email for communication about membership and any direct correspondence with the board.

How did you hear about ECRW?
I agree that Emerald City Romance Writers can use the information I'm submitting to contact me about my membership status or other chapter-related business. I understand that my data will not be used for any non-ECRW-related business without my consent.

If your PayPal account doesn't match any of the names or emails you have shared above, please include that information here. This will be used to verify your payment.


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