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Emerald City Writer' Conference

2021 Master Classes & Workshops

Learn from award-winning authors, industry veterans, experienced editors, and more at the 2021 Emerald City Writers' Conference. Check back for more information on our sessions as we get closer to October.

Master classes and workshops are focused on any one of three learning tracks: writer's life, craft, and business and management. 

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Master Classes

Adriana Herrera

USA Today Bestselling Author

Domestic Violence in Romance: Write the Story Survivors Deserve

After this workshop attendants will understand the basic concepts about trauma (specifically PTSD) and how it can impact survivors of interpersonal violence. They will gain an understanding of what is intimate partner violence, and learn what are some inaccurate (and potentially harmful) myths about IPV for couples. They will have a better grasp on how to responsibly write survivor stories that are informed, respectful, and foster hope, and will walk away with tools used by domestic violence advocates that would help craft a viable Happily Ever After.

Marisa Clevelend official.jfif

Marisa Cleveland

Executive Director and Agent, The Seymour Agency

I've Always Wanted to Write A Book -  a summation of key topics for anyone who has ever wanted to write a book

 Cultivated from conversations with other established literary agents, as well as her own experiences, this presentation is best for new writers wanting an overview of the writing and publishing process. Through examples and anecdotes, Marisa shares with the audience a broad look inside what it takes to write a book, research a literary agent, query their agents of choice, and land a traditional publisher. 

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