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ECRW Winter Book Fair

Emerald City Romance Writers is once again partnering with the Barnes and Nobles Northgate for another book fair!


This isn't a "traditional" book fair, but it is an exciting opportunity nonetheless to support our organization and, of course, add books to your TBR. On Saturday, February 11th, anytime during the day between open and close, a customer can make a purchase in-person at the Northgate store and presents the voucher below with the bar code (via electronic or paper copy), and a portion of your purchase will be donated back to ECRW! As an added bonus, the store is planning on having some ECRW member books on hand.


Please take a screenshot of the voucher below, save the image to your phone, or email yourself a copy. You'll need this voucher to make sure your contributions count toward ECRW.  Please do share this with your friends and family, the more, the merrier! Online orders count as well, please see below for more details. 


Secondly, on the same day, B&N Northgate is holding a panel with a group of fabulous romance writers: Cupid's Table: A Romance Author Panel: an author panel with Alexandria Bellefleur, Geneva Lee, Piper J. Drake, Lish McBride, & Serena Bell! This event starts at 2 PM, and we'll be tabling at the store before and after the panel. We would love to see you if you're planning on stopping by to pick up your books!


You can attend the panel for free, but you must register. More details about the book fair and to RSVP to attend the author panel for FREE are here: Cupid's Table: A Romance Author Panel

Online bookfair purchasing fine print:

  • Supporters of the Bookfair that shop through and are required to enter a valid Bookfair Event ID Number in the designated field found on the payment page during checkout in order for their purchase to count towards the online Bookfair total. 

  • Only eligible purchases made online during the agreed-upon Bookfair date(s) and shipped within ten days after eligible dates will count towards theBookfair.

  • Online purchases are not eligible to be counted towards the Bookfair total when the Check payment option is selected.

  • Online pre-orders will not count toward Bookfair sales if not shipped in the eligible period noted above.

  • The following products and services are not included in the online Bookfair totals:

    • The purchase of gift cards and online gift certificates.

    • Digital content (including but not limited to digital books, magazines, and periodicals). • Downloadable Audiobooks in MP3 or any other format.

    • Gift-wrapping fees; shipping or handling fees; or Barnes & Noble Membership fees (new or renewal).

    • The purchase of textbooks, used and out of print books, magazine and magazine subscriptions, video games, and software.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact E.L. Roux, our president, at

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