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Emerald City Writer' Conference

2022 Advertising & Sponsorships

Thank you for your interest in advertising with or sponsoring the 2022 Emerald City Writers' Conference. With over 100 expected attendees this year, sponsorship is a cost-effective way to promote your brand, your book, or your business to your target audience. Deadline for content is Oct 14.

Sponsors make the conference possible year after year. We appreciate your support!

Advertising Opportunities

Get your ad seen in slideshows which run during breaks in all three master classes.

Pricing: $50 for one ad, $90 for two

Put your ad in the footer for the conference program, the document attendees will be able to keep and reference after ECWC.

Pricing: $150 for a large banner, $100 for a smaller banner

Sponsorship Opportunities

Your ad is displayed exclusively in the minutes leading up to the start of a given event. Sponsorships are available for our:

  • 3 master classes

  • Happy Hour

  • PitchFest

  • A&E Panel

  • Writing Sprints

Pricing: $100 per event

We also have opportunities to support the conference in the sponsor section of the conference program. Your name, website, and tagline will be printed.

Pricing: $15

this area should have a contact form if there are any form spots available. if not, then there should be specific instructions of what and who to email with queries.

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