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Emerald City Romance Author & Reader Event Interest

We are working on finalizing this event, but wanted to open up the ability for authors to indicate their interest in registering as an attending author for this event. Once registration is open, we will approach authors in order of registered interest, to have the first opportunities to secure a spot for this event.


Authors who respond to this interest request will have three days to register by invite before registration opens to all ECRW members for 5 days, afterwards the registration page goes live to any author or vendor who wishes to attend this event.

Join us this August 17th for an Emerald City Romance Author and Reader Event! This one day event includes lunch, parking, wifi (vendors), community and a private space to take a break if needed.

Date: Doors open to readers from 11 am -5 pm Saturday August 17th, 2024 

Setup time: 9 am

Open for VIP/Early access admission: 11 am

Open General admission: 12 pm

Doors Close: 5 pm

load out 


Location: South Seattle College Main Campus, 6000 16th Avenue SW, Seattle, WA 98106-1499


About the location: 

A rough room layout can be dowloaded here. Spaces in front and behind tables are a minimum of 4 feet.Comments welcome on format as this is not a finalized layout.

The college is ADA compliant and we are on the bottom floor/single story building. The north entrance is flat and straight in, the other entrance (south) has stairs and a ramp to descend to the room entrance height. Building is located in the middle of campus. Campus map can be downloaded here. There are several bathrooms located throughout the building. During official Author/Vendor registration, a place will be provided to request accommodations. 

Registration options: Full Table and Half Table (form to register below)

Registration includes parking, lunch, and a non-alcoholic beverage. Authors and Vendors will have access to onsite Wifi. Lunches will be delivered to the individual authors/vendors before or around 11 am. Author’s and vendor’s are required to comply with all state, county, and city taxes and laws. We'll do the best to accommodate desired table type, but selected table size may not be available at time of registration. We are currently working with the venue on power availability and locations.

Full table: Authors will need to supply a table cloth, or choose the add on table cloth option below (color is likely black or white as to be determined by location availability).

  • Full Tables are 8ftx18in

Half table: A table cloth will be provided, color likely black or white as to be determined by location availability. Note: Half tables are shared tables with another author or vendor attending the event.

  • Half Table are 4ftx18in



ECRW Member Pricing:

Half table pricing $80

Full table pricing $100

Non-Member Pricing:

Half table pricing $95

Full table pricing $125


Parking Is included with the registration fee.

Reader Admission Details:

VIP admission: $20-$30 (limited number sold (~100))

General admission: $10 (will likely cap at 250)

Wrist bands will be provided to those who register, and we’ll have monitors at the doors confirming paid entrance. Price includes the cost of parking.

A full color reader booklet (either 5” x 7.5” Manga size or 5.5” x 8.5”) will be provided for readers during this event including a list of the names of all the attending authors. There will be spaces inside the front cover, internal pages, inside the back cover, and on the back cover to advertise on. We will also include blank signature pages.

Advertising and Sponsorship Opportunities:

We have a variety of ways to advertise or sponsor with prices ranging from $50 - $300. These include ads in our Event Booklet, Event Bookmarks, Genre/Trope Stickers (2x2 or 3x3 vinyl), Water Station sponsorship with a Banner/Sign plus acknowledgment in the Event Booklet, or Coffee Station sponsorship with a Banner/Sign plus acknowledgment in the Event BookletWe are open to suggestions on additional items. 

To Note:

  • We have explored event totes, but due to the cost of printing full color on both sides, and possible taxes associated with dispersing them, we decided not to supply them at this time.

  • The event has discouraged water bottles and cups as sponsorship opportunities.


If you are interested in any of these opportunities please indicate in the form below and we will contact you.

Questions about any of this can be sent to

Emerald City Romance Author & Reader Event: Author Interest

Are you interested in becoming a sponsor?
Are you an active member of Emerald City Romance Writers?
How did you hear about the Author & Reader event?
Yes! I want to be a part of the event. As soon as registration opens up I'll be purchasing (We'll do the best to accommodate desired table type, but selected table size may not be available at time of registration):

* required field

Thanks for your interest in the even! We'll let you know when you can register.


Unsure about any of the above information?

Please contact us.

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